The Iron Curtain Tour

6-day tour of Eastern Europe
  • A journey back in time through eastern Europe.
  • Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Berlin, Prague.
  • Baroque cities, East Block influences, stylish hotels.
  • € 700 1st class
  • € 599 2nd class
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The Iron Curtain rail tour takes you from Vienna to the East and back again, exploring fascinating cities like Budapest, Krakow, Berlin and Prague. Travel by day in comfortable trains and stay in centrally located hotels. Explore the cultural highlights behind former Soviet lines.

The train

  • Comfortable EuroCity and RailJet
  • Seat reservations
  • Optional Night trains


Eastern European highlights including Budapest, Krakow and Prague Check extras

Day to day

Starting and finishing point

Want to start our rail tour somewhere else? Not a problem. Just let us know and we will book you connecting train tickets to Vienna, and get you back home at the end of the tour. Additional fees will apply.

Day 1 - Vienna

The tour starts in the Imperial City, Vienna. Harry Lime walked the streets of this city in Carol Reed’s famous post-war thriller The Third Man, a story of intrigue and Cold War paranoia. Today, Vienna is known for its quality of life, its musical legacy and its beautiful historic centre filled with palaces and gardens. Your hotel is a short walk from the train station and is located between the two parts of the Belvedere park. A walk through the Baroque gardens is highly recommended!

Day 2 – Budapest

A morning train will take you to Budapest. The Danube river has followed you here and splits the city into Buda and Pest. Enjoy a bike ride through the boulevards, up to Buda castle, or onto one of the islands (“sziget”) in the Danube. Your hotel is located right next to the train station and on the main road, which leads straight to the Danube.

Day 3 – Krakow

Arrival in Krakow in the evening. You will be staying near the train station and a stone’s throw away from the Old Town and surrounding Planty Park. We recommend an extra night in Krakow in order to fully enjoy the city, or if you want to take the optional excursion to Auschwitz.

A night train option from Budapest to Krakow is available. Please contact us for an adjusted quote.

Day 4 - Berlin

Travel via Warsaw and arrive in the evening in Berlin. You will be staying near the main train station, a short walk from the Reichstag, the Tiergarten, Brandenburg Gate and the Wall. Berlin is a vibrant city with lots to offer. We recommend an extra night in Berlin.

A night train option from Krakow to Berlin is available. Please contact us for an adjusted quote.

Day 5 - Prague

A morning train will take you to Prague, arriving in the early afternoon. Prague is a compact city compared to others in this tour, with most of its attractions easily reached on foot. Stroll across the Charles Bridge, to Prague Castle or the Old Town Square. Overnight stay in the old city centre.

Day 6 - Return to Vienna

Take a late morning train to Vienna, arriving in the afternoon.

More info

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  • Train pass for all journeys that are part of the tour.
  • Seat reservations when necessary.
  • 5 overnight stays: a 2 person room with shower + toilet, breakfast included.
  • Day-to-day itinerary.


  • Additional nights in all towns of the rail tour can be added to the booking.
  • Overnight stays in other towns (which are not part of the tour) before, after or during the rail tour can be added as well.
  • Popular add-ons: Dresden, Munich, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Warsaw and Wroclaw.


  • An upgrade to 1st class train travel is possible for €101 p.p.


  • Daily departure

Prices and Dates

The Iron Curtain Tour
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Travellers aged 27 and younger get a youth discount.
Travellers aged 60 and over get a senior discount.
Please indicate your date of birth when making a booking so that the right price is calculated.

Additional nights and add-ons
Book additional nights and add-ons in the next step of the booking process.



Prague River Cruise

Spend a quiet afternoon on the River Vltava away from the crowds. Drift along and enjoy peaceful views of medieval bridges, red-roofed houses and the green banks of the river. Pass Charles Bridge and Prague Castle and admire these beautiful structures from a very different angle.

A bus takes you to the starting point of the hour long cruise. The tour ends at the pier, approx a 5-minute walk from the city centre. Tours take place in the afternoon (14:00 or 15:45), English audioguide available.

€ 15 p.p.

Berlin DDR Museum

No Iron Curtain Rail Tour would be complete without a visit the the DDR Museum in Berlin! Visit this unique museum and experience history in an interactive an entertaining way. Exhibits wait to be explored and touched, few are kept behind glass.
Experience life in the former socialist state and its city that you are visiting.

To participate in this activity an extra night in Berlin needs to be added to the rail tour.

€ 14 p.p.

Berlin River Cruise

Cruise the River Spree from west to east and learn more about Berlin's exciting history. Sit back and relax while city highlights such as the Reichstag, Berliner Dom and Museum Island pass by.

The cruise starts and ends at the Moltkebrücke, in front of the main train station (Berlin Hbf). The tour starts at 10:00
To participate in this activity an extra night in Berlin needs to be added to the rail tour.

€ 23 p.p.

Krakow Auschwitz Tour

Auschwitz Birkenau was the biggest Nazi concentration camp in occupied Europe. It has become the symbol of the Holocaust and commited Nazis crimes. On this tour you visit both parts of the former camp: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz- Birkenau. An English speaking guide provides information and anwers questions.

The camp is situated 70km from Krakow, and it takes an hour to get there by bus (included in ticket). Usually the tour starts early in the morning (between 6am and 10am) and takes 7 hours in total. 

To visit Auschwitz Birkenau an extra night in Krakow needs to be added to the rail tour.

€ 45 p.p.

Krakow Wieliczka Salt Mine

Discover a dazzling underground city of salt. This UNESCO world heritage sight stretches over nine different levels at depths between 64 to 327 meters below the surface of the earth. Be amazed by the inpressive salt chambers, lakes and sculptures of Wieliczka and learn more about mining for 'white gold' in its museum.

The tour takes 4.5 hours. Please note that the temperature in the mine is around 14c, wear suitable clothing.

To participate in this activity an extra night in Krakow needs to be added to the rail tour.

€ 48 p.p.

Budapest Danube River Cruise

Do not miss a beautiful cruise on the second largest river of the continent: the mighty Danube. Enjoy the city's spectacular sights from a different perspective and pass the famous bridges connecting Buda and Pest. From the boat you will be able to admire the striking Parliament and  the Fishermen's Bastion as well as the Citadella and National Theater.

€ 12 p.p.

Vienna Ring Tram

Travel Vienna's ring road and pass some of the most famous sights of the city: Parliament, Imperial Palace, City Hall and the Burgtheater. Get to know Vienna's historic buildings and interesting facts of this fomer imperial city.

€ 15 p.p.