The Renaissance Tour

4-day tour of Italy
  • Italy’s greatest hits
  • Rome, Florence, Venice
  • Fast trains, great food, and la dolce vita

Soak in the views as you speed past Tuscan landscapes in the famous Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) trains. Short travel times mean plenty of time to discover three of Italy’s greatest cities. Experience the culture that influenced the world.

Day to day

Day 1 - Rome

We start our tour in Rome, a city that has captured the imagination of the world for millennia. It is the city of Fellini, Michelangelo and Julius Caesar. Stroll across the Via Veneto, dip your feet in the Trevi Fountain, and take in a view of the Colloseum as you sip a cappuccino—but only drink it in the morning, because when in Rome, you should do as the Romans do!

Your hotel is situated close to the main train station and a short walk from Michelangelo’s Cloister, a bath house transformed into a church during the Renaissance.

It is possible to start the tour in Florence or Venice. Additional train tickets to the start of your tour can also be added to your booking. Additional fees will apply.

Day 2 - Florence

Total travel time: 1:30 hours
A morning high-speed train will take you to Florence, arriving before noon. Rome may have a rich and famous history, but it was in Florence that the Renaissance was born and spread across the world. Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Dante and Petrarch lived and worked here, patronized by wealthy Florentine bankers. The Palazzo Vecchio and the Duomo are hard to miss in the city’s skyline, but other must-see sights include the Ponte Vecchio, which spans the Arno river, and Michelangelo’s statue of David in the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Your overnight stay is in a hotel situated just around the corner from the Fortezza da Basso fortress and the Fortezza gardens. A short walk from the train station.

Day 3 - Venice

Total travel time: 2:15 hours
Take a morning high-speed train to Venice, arriving before noon in Santa Lucia station on the archipelago at the heart of the historic city. Stepping out of the station, you will find yourself immediately immersed in a maze of canals, bridges and alleyways of a city that was a military and commercial power to be reckoned with during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It has inspired the works of Shakespeare, Voltaire and Thomas Mann, and produced legendary figures such as Marco Polo and Casanova. Venice was the gateway to the Orient, and still remains a terminus for the infamous Orient Express.

Your hotel is located within walking distance from the train station and is situated on one of Venice’s beautiful canals.

Day 4 - Return to Rome

Total travel time: 4 hours
Return to Rome by high-speed train. There are direct connections every hour.

It is possible to add train tickets to another destination than Rome to your booking, or an overnight stay in Rome upon return. Additional fees will apply.

More info

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  • Train pass for all journeys that are part of the tour.
  • Seat reservations when necessary.
  • 3 overnight stays: a 2 person room with shower + toilet, breakfast included.
  • Day-to-day itinerary.


Extend your trip with additional nights in any of the towns
  • Rome from €60 p.p.p.n.
  • Florence from €55 p.p.p.n.
  • Venice from €65 p.p.p.n.
  • Overnight stays in other cities (which are not part of the tour) before, after or during the rail tour can be added as well


  • An upgrade to 1st class train travel is possible for €42 p.p.


  • Daily departure

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The Renaissance Tour
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