City Highlights and Cinqueterre Coast

4-Day tour Italy
  • Diverse rail tour with lots of cultural and natural sights
  • Rome, Florence and Riomaggiore
  • Famous Italian landmarks and unique coastal towns
  • € 459 1st class
  • € 369 2nd class
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Discover the beautiful historic cities of Rome and Florence and finish the rail tour on the Cinqueterre Coast. Cinqueterre (translated Five Lands) consists of 5 villages situated on the cliffs of a steep coastline. The brightly painted coastal villages, nestled up against the rocks, are well connected by boat, hiking trails and train. Cars though cannot reach these beautiful villages and there is a lack of large developments. The villages are surrounded by beautiful and steep vineyards and olive groves, it is a lovely last stop on the rail tour. Starting point of the tour is Rome, finishing point is Pisa, Rome or Milan.

The train

  • Very fast Frecciarossa train
  • Quick Frecciabianca train
  • Comfortable way of travelling


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Day to day

Day 1 - Rome

Arrival in Rome, spend the day as you wish in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.

Hotel closely located to the Termini train station. The old city centre within walking distance.

It is possible to add train tickets to Rome to your booking. Additional fees applicable.

Day 2 - Florence

In the morning, take the high-speed Frecciarossa train to Florence. Travel time: 1h30min. Florence's Santa Maria Novella train station is located next to the city's old town. Spend the afternoon in beautiful Medieval Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.

Overnight stay in Florence.

Day 3 - Riomaggiore

Travel by train to Cinqueterre on the Ligurian Coast. Travel time: 2h50min.
The 5 villages that make up the Cinqueterre are well connected by train, hiking trail and boat. The villages are built up against the rocks, surrounded by steep olive groves and vineyards.

Overnight stay in Riomaggiore, close to the train station.

Day 4

End of the rail tour, continue by Frecciabianca train (changing once) to Pisa (1 hour), Milan (3h17min) or Rome (3h37min).

It is possible to add train tickets from Italy to a domestic or international destination to your booking. Additional fees applicable.

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  • Train pass for all journeys which are part of the rail tour
  • Seat reservations (when possible)
  • 7 Nights: 2 person room with shower + toilet, breakfast included. Hotels closely located to train station.
  • Day to day itinerary


  • Additional nights in all towns of the rail tour can be added to the booking
  • Overnight stays in other cities (also outside Italy) before or after rail tour can be added as well

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  • Travellers aged 60 and over get a senior discount
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  • Single room €153


  • Daily departure

Starting point: Rome
Finishing point: Pisa, Milan or Rome

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City Highlights and Cinqueterre Coast
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