Swiss Travel Pass

Train pass Switzerland
  • Consecutive travel days
  • Trains, cableways, buses and trams
  • Glacier Express and Bernina Express

Discover Switzerland by train, bus and boat. The most beautiful way to see Switzerland.

The train

  • All trains in Switzerland
  • All buses, boats and trams
  • Admission to 480 musea


Explore Switzerland by train, bus and boat
  • Unlimited travel on consecutive travel days
  • Valid on all trains, boats and buses
  • Also valid on the famous panoramic trains Glacier Express, Bernina Express and Golden Pass
  • Valid on trams and buses in 37 cities.
  • Free admission to 480 museums
  • Free family pass: children up to 15 years to travel for free
  • Discount passes for youth (12-25 years)

Also valid:
  • Martigny – Chamonix (Fr)
  • Brig – Domodossola (It) – Locarno
  • Buses Lugano – Tirano (It) and Lugano – Chiavenna (It) – St. Moritz.

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Swiss Travel Pass

Advantages of the Swiss Travel Pass
  • Cheaper than multiple point-to-point tickets
  • Valid on almost all (panorama) trains, buses, boats and cable cars
  • Free admission to 480 museums

Scenic trains
  • Glacier Express
  • Bernina Express
  • Golden Pass Line
  • Gotthard Panorama Express

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Swiss Travel Pass



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