27th of April: King's Day in the Netherlands
23 Apr 2018
On Friday 27.04 it is King's Day in the Netherlands and we will be closed. You can reach us till Thursday 26.04 and from 28.04 again: or by phone between 09:30 and 17:30 (during the week) or 10:00 and 17:00 (Saturdays).
Final Update Motorail Italy
28 Dec 2017
Unfortunately the Railtravelshop (Treinreiswinkel) is not able to offer the motorail to Verona in 2018.

The motorail provider of 2015 – 2017 could not operate the service next year and we have tried to find an appropriate solution. Yet, due to increased costs on the Italian part of the journey Düsseldorf – Verona, the operator BahnTouristikExpress (motorail Hamburg – Lörrach and AlpenExpress NL – AT) with its excellent material is not able to exploit the service anymore. In the meantime, the operator UrlaubsExpress has stepped up and claimed the service to Verona. We will not offer this service though, as we have decided to not cooperate with UrlaubsExpress. The material, the execution of the service and its quality (train/ wagon cancellations, water shortages, defect air-conditioning and blocked toilet facilities) do not meet the level customers rightly expect. The operator uses the name “Autoslaaptrein” as well. Moreover, its journeys are not covered by a guarantee scheme.

We take this opportunity to point out the daily motorail services run by the ÖBB (Austrian Railways).
European Timetable 2017 - edition june 2017
09 Jun 2017
Order the newest edition of the European Rail Timetable online.
>>European Timetable
WiFi in ICE
09 May 2017
With the new WiFi network, the speed of WiFi in the ICE is excellent. Free in 2nd class and 1st class. Available throughout Germany and from spring 2017 also on the Dutch route. Gradually, all ICEs for the Dutch route are equipped with this technique.
Interrail Spring Promo 15% discount
31 Jan 2017
Discover Europe by train. Buy your Interrail Global Pass before march 31 and receive 15% discount. Travel before 28 February 2018.

>>Interrail Global Pass
Motorail 2017
Düsseldorf – Verona 19/5- 30/9 2017 and NEW Düsseldorf – Livorno 5/7 – 31/8/2017
01 Oct 2016
In 2017 there are again more deaprtures of the MotoRail. From 19/5 - 30/9 MotoRail leaves on Friday from Düsseldorf to Verona, the return trip is on Saturday. 5/7 - 31/8 is our new route Düsseldorf - Livorno / Tuscany, departure on Wednesday and return on Thursday.

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Motorail Düsseldorf – Verona: Auto Express Italia
14 Dec 2015
Motorail connection 2016 May 20th – September 24th, outbound on Friday, inbound on Saturday.

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