Motorail Turkey
  • By motorail to Turkey
  • Cover 1400 kilometers, direct service
  • Save gas and toll costs

The train

  • With car or motorcycle
  • Train with dining car
  • Comfortable couchettes




Can be booked for private use or per individual berth in a shared compartment.
Beds can be converted into regular seats (lowest bunk).
Private couchettes for up to 8 persons (at least 2 children).
Bed linen, blanket and pillow are provided.
Shared toilet and shower facilities can be found on the corridor.

Dining car

Meals, snacks and beverages are available for purchase in the dining car.
It is allowed to consume own food and drinks in the dining car as well.
Tea and hot water are available free of charge with the friendly train staff.

There are power sockets and wifi in the dining car as well.


Pets are allowed in the compartments provided they are booked for private use.
Taking a pet costs €20 one-way.

Travel documents / Visa

Regardless of nationality, all travellers need to have valid travel documents on them. German, Austrian and Turkish travellers do not need a visa for the journey. Other travellers are asked to contact the embassies / consulates of the transit countries / destination themselves.


Please note the following information and restrictions:
  • Maximum height: 270cm
  • Maximum trackwidth (distance between outside front left tyre to outside front right tyre): 190cm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 15cm
  • Maximum width (including mirrors): 205cm
  • Convertible and classic cars will be put on the lower deck. Please book the extra option ‘Convertible or classic’.
  • There is a surcharge for vehicles higher than 150cm



05:30 (2 days later)


04:10 (2 days later)

Loading of the vehicles
At least 2 hours before departure, vehicles need to be parked at the indicated slots and be ready for the customs inspection and the loading procedure. 

The prices and travel times are subject to change. Correct times can be found on your travel documents. 

Prices and Dates

Last minute


Service cancelled: due to the COVID-19 virus the motorail does not run until the beginning of June. 


Please note
Due to track closure, the motorail will run between Ljubljana (rather than Villach) and Edirne in the period 05.10.2020 - 17.11.2020. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is situated 100km from Villach.


The rate shown in the price table is the average price per person. By clicking on the price, a booking summary and a cost breakdown will appear on the right.

Surcharge higher vehicles
Please book the extra surcharge for vehicles higher than 150cm on the next page.

Discount travelling with children & private couchettes
In case you travel with children aged up to 12 years old, you will get a discount when booking a private couchette. The discount will be processed in the invoice. 

Booking procedure

  • Please select the journey you wish to book and proceed with the booking process. Within 2 days working days you will be notified on the status of your booking.
  • Our website automatically sends an email confirmation of your request, please be aware that this is not a booking confirmation. 
  • After the tickets have been booked and the booking has been confirmed, payment is possible by either bank transfer or credit card (fee applicable).
  • Tickets will be sent by email.



Convertible or classic car

Please indicate when taking a convertible or classic car

Convertible or classic car

Cars with a height of 151 - 165cm

€ 30 per single journey

Cars with a height of 166 - 198cm

€ 60 per single journey

Cars with a height of 199 - 270cm

€ 160 per single journey