Paris - Toulon

Motorail France
  • No traffic jams and toll costs
  • Vehicle within one night in Southern France
  • Overnight stay in Paris and comfortable journey by TGV
  • € 352 pp
Prices & Dates

The train

  • Vehicle on separate train (motorail)
  • TGV travel by day (300 km/h)
  • Beverages, sandwiches and snacks available on board

How does it work

From Paris to the South of France
  • Easy drive to Paris, drop off vehicle
  • Motorail terminal (Paris Bercy) 5 minutes of the Périphérique
  • Vehicles are transported overnight and arrive the next morning
  • Stay the night in a comfortable hotel close to the train station
  • After breakfast, travel to your destination by TGV
  • Vehicle pick-up upon arrival at destination

From the South of France to Paris
  • Drive to departure point’s terminal and drop off vehicle
  • Vehicles are transported overnight and arrive the next morning
  • After vehicle drop off travel to Paris by TGV
  • Stay the night in a comfortable hotel close to the train station in Paris
  • After breakfast, walk over to the motorail terminal to pick up vehicle
  • Motorail terminal (Paris Bercy) 5 minutes of the Périphérique


TGV 1st class

Comfortable seats in a spacious, quiet and open carriage.
2 seats on side of the aisle, 1 seat on the other.
Reclining seats with plenty of legroom.
Each seat has an electric socket.
Beverages and snacks available in the onboard bar.

TGV 2nd class

Comfortable seats in an open carriage.
2 seats on both sides of the aisle.
Seats with a table available.
Beverages and snacks available in the onboard bar.

TGV Onboard catering

Each TGV has an onboard bar with high tables.
Beverages, sandwiches and snacks available onboard.


Please note the following information and restrictions:
  • Maximum height: 155cm. Taller vehicles on request.
  • Maximum length: 530cm
  • Maximum trackwidth (distance between outside front left tyre to outside front right tyre): 190cm
  • Maximum width including mirrors: 250cm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 10cm
  • Maximum height for trailers: 155cm. Vehicles taller than 155cm cannot take trailers.
  • Maximum length of trailer: 380cm. Additional fee applies.
  • Mopeds cannot be transported.
  • Trikes, quads and motorcycles with sidecar are charged as regular cars.
  • Convertible and classic cars will be put on the lower deck. Please book the extra option ‘Convertible or classic’. Maximum height: 155cm.
  • Roof boxes are allowed provided they are transported inside the vehicle or next to it.
  • Bicycles on bike carriers are allowed and can be taken for free (max 2 bicycles). Maximum height: 155cm. Bicycles cannot be transported on roof racks.
  • Taking a roof box, bike carrier or other large luggage needs to be indicated when making a booking.
  • Vehicles can be dropped off a day before departure and be picked up a day after arrival. Parking at the motorail terminal for this period is free of charge. Additional days cost €15 a day.

The following models are not accepted on the French motorail:
  • Audi Q7, R8
  • BMW 7-series (from year of manufacture 2008), X5 (year of manufacture 2007-2010), X6
  • Citroën Berlingo
  • Fiat Doblo, Ducato
  • Ford Transit
  • Mercedes Vito
  • Opel / Vauxhall Combo, Vivaro, Movano
  • Porsche Cayenne
  • Renault Kangoo, Trafic
  • Volkswagen Caddy, Caravelle, Multivan, Transporter, Touareg
  • Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, 88, 90, 110, Range Rover, Range Rover Autobiography, Range Rover Classic, Range Rover Sport, Velar, Vogue


Outbound TGV

TGV 6171
TGV 6155
TGV 6085

Paris Gare de Lyon

07:19 09:21 10:19
Toulon 11:15 13:12 14:15


Inbound TGV

TGV 6176
TGV 6124
TGV 6184
 TGV 6168
 TGV 6076


14:48 16:48 17:38 18:48
Paris Gare de Lyon
17:41 19:15 20:41 21:45 22:41

Vehicle drop off and pick up
In Paris, the motorail terminal Bercy, the TGV station Gare de Lyon and the hotel are within walking distance of each other. In Toulon the motorail terminal is close to the TGV station. Vehicle drop off and pick up can take place anytime within the indicated time slot and well before TGV departure (to Paris).

Opening times Paris Bercy (motorail terminal): 11:00 - 17:30
Opening times Toulon: 09:30 - 17:30

Times are subject to change
All mentioned times are subject to change. Correct times can be found in the travel documents provided by us.



Overnight stay Paris
  • Luxurious 4-star hotel (1st class bookings)
  • Comfortable, mid-range hotel (2nd class bookings)
  • Within walking distance of Paris Bercy and Gare de Lyon stations
  • Breakfast included

Alternatives (on request, possible surcharge)
  • Other hotels possible, large offer
  • Overnight stay at destination rather than Paris (see Extras)
  • Other roomtypes possible. For instance single rooms, family rooms and pet-friendly rooms. Possible surcharges applicable.

Prices and Dates

Paris - Toulon
Last minute

Prices include:
- Vehicle transport (motorail)
- Overnight stay in hotel, breakfast included 1st class TGV & luxurious 4-star hotel, 2nd class TGV & comfortable mid-range hotel.
- TGV tickets to destination


Average price per person
The rate shown in the price table is the average price per person. By clicking on the price, a booking summary and a cost breakdown will appear on the right.


Travel documents
After payment, the TGV tickets and hotel vouchers will be sent by email. The motorail ticket needs to be printed from a SNCF ticket machine at the station. You will receive a booking reference to print the ticket.

Please note: at the following stations it is not possible to print tickets: Avignon Sud, Fréjus en Perpignan St Charles. Please make sure you print your ticket off at another station.



Convertible or classic car

Please indicate when taking a convertible or classic car.

Please note! Maximum height: 155cm.

Convertible or classic car