One Country Pass Italy

For travelling in 1 country
  • Italy
  • South Tyrol, Milan, Venice, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Umbria, Rome, Amalfi coast, Sicily
  • Very fast high-speed trains
  • € 161 1st class
  • € 121 2nd class
Prices & Dates

Interrail Italy

Interrail One Country Pass Italy
  • Italy, Sardinia and Sicily included
  • Unlimited travel by train
  • Passes with different validity
  • Children aged 11 and younger travel for free
  • Discounts for youth between 12 and 27 years
  • Discounts for seniors of 60 years and over
  • Also 1st class passes
  • 30% discount on ferries of the Attica Group between Italy and Greece
  • Not available to residents of Italy
  • One pass for 30 European countries: Interrail Global Pass


  • Frecce trains (high-speed trains) €13 - reservation compulsory (Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, Frecciargento)
  • Intercity €8.50 - reservation compulsory


  • EC EuroCity, international express train, for example Munich - Verona, reservation not compulsory, no surcharge
  • EN EuroNight, international night train, reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • FA Frecciargento, high-speed tilting train, reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • FB Frecciabianca, high-speed train (not only using high-speed railways), reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • FR Frecciarossa, high-speed train, reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • IC InterCity, reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • ICN InterCityNight (domestic night train), reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • ITA Italo, high-speed train of private railway company bNTV, Interrail not valid
  • NJ Nightjet, night train to South of Germany and Austria, reservation compulsory, surcharge
  • R regionale, regional train, reservation not compulsory, no surcharge
  • RV Regionale veloce, fast regional train, reservation not compulsory, no surcharge

Scenic routes

  • Bologna - Pistoia
  • Bolzano - Merano, South Tyrol
  • Brenner - Verona
  • Brig - Arona
  • Domodossola - Locarno, Centovalli Railway
  • Fortezza - Innichen
  • Genova - Pisa along the coast (Cinque Terre)
  • Genova - Ventimiglia (Ligurian Coast)
  • Messina - Palermo
  • Rome - Pescara
  • Salerno - Reggio Calabria
  • Taranto - Reggio Calabria
  • Turin - Aosta
  • Villa San Giovanni - Messina, train on the ferry to Sicily

Travel to/from

  • Train journeys to and from Italy can be booked with Railtravelshop as well.
  • 30% Interrail discount on ferries between Italy and Greece



Order your Interrail Pass by telephone (0031 71 5161 983), by email ( or on the website. Within 3 working days you will be notified on the status of your booking (i.e. reservations). There is no booking fee in case you purchase your Interrail Pass online.

To process your order we need: address, mobile number, email, first name according to passport, last name, date of birth, departure date, ID / passport number and your country of residence.

Payment of the Interrail Pass is possible by either bank transfer or credit card (please note the surcharge of 1.5%). Once your payment has come through, the Interrail Pass (and possible reservations) will be sent by regular mail.

Prices and Dates

One Country Pass Italy
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How to make reservations

Please indicate in the empty text field of the next step of the booking procedure, which reservations you wish to add to your Interrail Pass.



By regular mail (up to 7 days before departure)



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By express mail for short notice departures (+ approx €70)