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Travel by train to the beaches of the Mediterranean. Very fast and comfortable high speed trains. Captivating cities and impressive landscapes. The most punctual and comfortable trains in Europe in Spain.

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Traveling to Spain by train is a comfortable journey and a true train adventure. It is possible to travel to Barcelona by TGV. You first travel by Thalys to Paris and from the French capital by TGV to Figueras in the South of France, from where you regularly travel to Barcelona. There is an excellent rail network in Spain itself. The Spanish trains are punctual and comfortable. The flagship is the AVE, the Spanish high-speed train. Like the TGV in France, the Spanish high-speed train has won the competition with the plane between the big cities. Madrid-Barcelona, ​​once a long train journey, now takes 2.30 hours. The HSL network in Spain extends from the northeast of Spain (Santiago de Compostela) to the deep south (Cordoba / Sevilla) The comfort in the Spanish high-speed trains is very good. Those traveling in the first class receive free drinks and snacks. In addition to AVEs, there are also intercity trains, regional trains and night trains in Spain. Only regional trains operate on a number of beautiful routes in northern Spain.

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