Travel comfortably in excellent trains through breathtaking landscapes. To Legoland, cycling on Funen, a city break in Copenhagen. Or canoeing in Sweden, with a lorry bike on the rails and wild camping, your own little lake. A cottage on a Norwegian fjord, the most beautiful Norwegian train journey from Oslo to Bergen, the most beautiful sea trip in the world: the Hurtigruten. Midnight sun, walking across the roof of the world. Whale safari, glacier walks.

  • All international rates to Denmark , Sweden , Norway and Finland , including all offers, via Germany
  • Hurtigruten Bergen - Kirkenes vv
  • Economical group rates from 6 people
  • Reservations day / night trains, including day train Amsterdam - Hamburg - Copenhagen, Berlin - Malmø vv and further on to Oslo and Stockholm
  • Domestic rates to / from almost all stations, also global fees for night trains and X 2000
  • Interrail One Country Pass Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
  • All ferries Baltic Sea / North Sea