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Travel comfortably in excellent trains through breathtaking landscapes. The Bergen Railway from Oslo to Bergen is one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world. Another amazing train journey is from Oslo to Trondheim and even further north to Bodo.

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Norway has some of the most beautiful train routes in Europe. One of the classics is the railway from Oslo to Bergen. This train journey first goes straight through Norwegian primeval forests and then climbs out of the valley to high plains without trees. At the highest point, Finnish at 1222 meters, there is 10 months of snow every year. If there is no snow, this is a breathtaking hiking area.
After Finnish the train slowly descends to Myrdal (866 meters), a village of nothing, but the departure point of the world famous Flamsbanan to Flam. This train descends from 866 meters in three quarters of an hour to sea level, to the town of Flam on one of the foothills of the Sognefjord.

From Flam it is possible to travel by boat across the narrow fjord to Gudvangen and travel by bus to Voss, which is on the Oslo-Bergen railway line. For this package and more train arrangements around Flam and Bergen, see the packages of Norway in a Nuttshell.

After Myrdal the Oslo-Bergen train descends to Bergen, a beautiful harbor town with picturesque houses. From Bergen you can make beautiful boat trips to the fjords in the area or with the Hurtigruten, the world famous mail boat that sails to Kirkenes around the North Cape.

Other beautiful railways in Norway are the train journey from Oslo to Bodo, the train journey from Domas to Andalsnes, from Kristiansand in the south of Norway to Stavanger and from Trondheim to Are in Sweden. Another nice train journey is from Narvik to Stockholm in Sweden.

The trains in Norway are particularly comfortable. There is no first or second class, only second class (with lots of legroom and comfort). Some trains have business compartments.
To travel by train to Norway there are two good options. The first is to travel by night train to Copenhagen and from there to Göteborg and along the Swedish coast to Oslo. Departure in the Netherlands in the evening, arrival in the Norwegian capital the next day in the evening. The other option is to travel to Copenhagen (with a number of changes) and travel by boat to Oslo.

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