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Travel by train comfortable and quick to France. Country of high-speed lines, travel from Brussels to Marseille in 4 hours and 48 minutes. Thalys Amsterdam - Paris in just 3 hours and 19 minutes. Cheap train tickets are available if you book early.

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Travel quickly with the Thalys from Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam to Paris and Lille . Between Brussels and Paris the Thalys reaches the top speed of 300 km / h. The cars on the highway seem to stand still and in one hour the train runs from Brussels to Paris.
If you travel to the south of France by train, it is best to take the direct TGV to the south of France from Brussels. These TGVs run around Paris and that means that in the French capital there is no need to switch from one station to another.

The TGV is the showpiece of the French railways and has been in use since 1981. From the beginning the train was traveling at speeds of up to 300 km / h. On the first route between Paris and Lyon, the TGV quickly took the place of the aircraft.
Meanwhile, the TGV connects all major French destinations and has made air traffic between these cities almost superfluous.
In the TGV it is quiet and spatial, if the train rushes through the French country at 300 km / h, you do not have that as a train passenger.


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