Austria by train

Very popular destination for rail holidays - during the summer and winter. Excellent public transport. Gemütlichkeit and hospitality. Wonderful walks. Cycling, for example along the Danube. Beautiful cities like Vienna and Salzburg.

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Austria is very good to train by train. With the ICE during the day to Vienna or travel by night train and arrive in the Austrian capital. If you travel further to Graz or Klagenfurt it is usually not possible to complete the journey during the day and it is better to take a night train. To travel by train to Vienna there are two good connections, one during the day and one at night. During the day: Every morning the comfortable ICE leaves for Frankfurt Flughafen. Here is a transfer on the other side of the platform on the ICE to Vienna. The arrival is in the evening. Vienna and Salzburg also easily accessible by night train. Every day departs from Cologne (easily accessible by ICE from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem) a direct night train to Vienna. Salzburg can be reached better by night train via Munich. Every day from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem the direct CityNightLine leaves for Munich. This needs to be transferred early in the morning around 7 am on the train to Salzburg. Arrival in Salzburg is around 09.00 in the morning. Salzburg also has several good connections by train during the day, with at least one need to switch. In Austria, comfortable Intercity trains run to connect all Austrian cities. There are also excellent train connections to winter sports destinations in Austria. In Austria there are also a number of special small mountain trains, for example between Jenbach and Mayrhofen. The most beautiful train in Austria is perhaps the modern Railjet, the Austrian high-speed train that runs between Vienna and Budapest.

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