Travel and booking conditions

RailTravelShop is affiliated with the Association of ANVR General Dutch Association of Travel Enterprises. The ANVR booking conditions apply to all bookings.

Travel Compensation Fund
RailTravelShop is affiliated with the Travel Compensation Fund. Within the limits of the SGR guarantee all tours published on this website are covered by SGR's guarantee, within the terms of the SGR guarantee scheme. Under SGR’s guarantee, consumers shall have their prepaid travel sum refunded if their counterparty is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement includes the transport and the destination has already been reached, the return trip will be arranged.

Calamity Fund
Treinreiswinkel, Chamber of Commerce registration number 28093735 is affiliated to the Emergency Travel Fund. Within the limits of the guarantee from the Calamity Fund tours published on this website are under the guarantee of the Calamity Fund. This guarantee means that you as a consumer participating in a trip organized by us:

1.get back (part of) your fare if we cannot fully implement the trip due to an emergency;

2.will get reimbursed the necessary additional costs if we have de adjust the tour due to an emergency or if we need to repatriate prematurely.

Emergency is defined as an abnormal event caused by acts of war or natural disasters.

Change supply / Errors
Consider interim changes. Obvious errors and mistakes are not binding RailTravelShop.

Travel documents
Bring valid travel documents! For problems caused by incomplete travel documents RailTravelShop is not liable.

Cancellations / Changes
Costs of changing or canceling are listed on the booking confirmation. 

Administration costs
In addition to any administration of the tour operator RailTravelShop charges for administration and communication costs € 9.50 per person with a maximum of € 19 per booking.

Train travel can be booked often only 2 or 3 months. Therefore, we strongly recommend pre-bookings. We keep an eye on all the data. At the earliest possible moment, we are making reservations in. Once the complete journey is booked, you will receive final confirmation.

If the total ticket price is 10% higher than the offer price than it is possible within 3 days to cancel or modify the invoice free of charge.

Unless otherwise stated, all amounts on the website are in euro. For bookings via the website and phone to phone by credit card (Visa and Eurocard Masterdcard) charges. Consider a credit card surcharge. For bookings more than 7 weeks before departure, an invoice will be sent home. Deposit and final payment go by bank transfer.

When an accommodation of a tour is fully booked, we provide an equivalent alternative.

Travel documents
After receiving payment, or approximately 7 days before departure (depending on type of travel is shown on booking confirmation) the travel documents are sent to the home address. For last minute bookings made within 7 days prior to departure in consultation.

Delays / not driving / Strikes
RailTravelShop is not liable for any (financial) consequences resulting from delays, trains not driving,  missed connections and strikes. We recommend in such occasions immediately to contact the (main) conductor or platform superintendent for a solution and let make note on the ticket. Let unused reservations or tickets always be stamped as 'unused'. Stamped reservations or tickets may be eligible for reimbursement.

Refunds for delays
At a delay -as a result of such a slow-moving train and / or train failures and / or missed connections of at least 60 minutes during your international train journey, you've the right to any compensation. From 1 April 2010 contact the railway company yourself directly to request your delay compensation. For this you can use special forms. These forms are available at the counter or over the internet. Whether you apply for delay compensation in the Dutch, German or French railways depends on the ticket which you have traveled. On your ticket states which railway company has issued your ticket through Interrail Tours.

Please note that if you are traveling with RIT-tickets, on which no charge is mentioned, you also can send the tickets in case of delay (including without charge!). This ticket is a fixed fee of € 10 for a 2nd class ticket or € 15 for a 1st class ticket.

•DB BAHN-tickets: see Here you find the Fahrgastrechte Formular online. Original tickets must be sent.

•NS International-tickets: then to Op reis,  further to compensatie bij vertragingen. Here you find the form geld terug bij vertragingen. Original tickets must be sent.

•SNCF-tickets: ask for a delay form in the train or at the counter and send it filled in with tickets to Service Relations Clients, 62973 ARRAS Cedex 9, France.

•EUROSTAR-tickets: ask for a delay form in the train or at the counter and send it filled in with tickets to:

Traveller Care Eurostar UK [LTD]
2nd Floor Kent House
81 Station Road
UK-Ashford KENT TN23 1AP
United Kingdom

•THALYS-tickets: ask for a delay form in the train orat the counter and send it filled in with tickets to:

Thalys Klantendienst
Postbus 14
1050 BRUSSEL 5

•For tickets of other railway companies: ask for a delay form in the train or  at the counter and send it filled in with tickets to the adress mentioned on the delay form.

Something wrong?
Despite all the precautions it can happen that during the trip something is not right. The traveler should always report this to the carrier, accommodation provider or local travel agent, to prevent symptoms and discomfort. Complaints about travel and accommodation must be submitted in writing within one month after completion of the trip.