Travel and booking conditions


Railtravelshop / Treinsreiswinkel is a member of the Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (Dutch Association of Travel Organisations). The ANVR travel and booking terms and conditions apply to all bookings.

The ANVR travel and booking terms and conditions

Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR)
Treinreiswinkel, Chamber of Commerce registration number 28093735 is a registered member of SGR. You are able to verify this on:
Holidays listed on our website are covered by SGR’s guarantee, within the terms of the the SGR guarantee scheme. Under SGR’s guarantee scheme, consumers shall have their prepaid travel sum refunded if their counterparty is unable to fulfil its contractual obligations due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement includes the transport and the destination has already been reached, the return trip will be arranged.”

Possible in the Treinreiswinkel shop in Amsterdam and Leiden (the Netherlands), on our website or by phone: +31 71 5161 983.

Often train journeys can only be booked 2 or 3 months before departure, which is why we strongly recommend ‘pre-bookings’. We keep track of all trains and their booking dates. Your pre-booking will be processed as soon as a particular train can be booked. When your complete journey has been booked, you will receive our final confirmation and invoice. In case the total price is 10% higher than the indication price, it is possible to cancel or change the booking free of charge within 3 days after receiving the final confirmation.

Service fee
Apart from possible administration costs of a tour operator, Railtravelshop charges a service fee of €9.50 per person with a maximum of €19 per booking.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices in our brochure and on the website are in Euros. Please bear in mind that cash payments in the shops are not possible. When making a booking by telephone it is possible to pay by credit card (surcharges of 1.5% for Visa and Mastercard, and 1.9% for American Express). Naturally, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer.

Cancellation / booking change
The cancellation or changing fees are mentioned in the booking confirmation. In case you wish to cancel your booking, we ask you to contact us by email, telephone or visit us in one of our shops. If you decide to cancel by email, please bear in mind that emails are being processed during office hours. For instance: a cancellation sent by email in the evening will be processed the next morning, which will be the official cancellation day.

Train package trips
In case an accommodation of a train package trip has been fully booked, a similar alternative will be offered.

Travel documents from Railtravelshop
Travel documents will be sent by regular mail, after full payment has been received or approximately 7 days before departure (will be mentioned in the booking confirmation). Last minute bookings need to be discussed.

Travel documents
Make sure you travel with valid travel documentation. Railtravelshop is not responsible for issues caused by travelling with expired or invalid travel documents.

Double check tickets and itinerary
Before departure, please check your travel documents and itinerary. Although all travel documents are checked before sending them, a ticket or reservation could be missing. Please also make sure that your tickets and reservations correspond with the enclosed itinerary. Moreover, we recommend you to double check your departure time and platform shortly before departure as last minute changes due to track maintenance work or strikes do happen. Please check your itinerary on: In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

Changes in offer and obvious errors
Please take interim changes into account. Obvious errors and mistakes do not bind the Railtravelshop.

Additional travel costs
Railtravelshop is not responsible for additional travel costs incurred during your journey due to train cancellations, strikes, extreme weather conditions and other cases of force majeure. We recommend to take out a travel insurance.

Ticketgates in the Netherlands
Ticketgates at Dutch train stations can be opened with the QR-code on the ticket or with a so-called keycard. These QR-codes are only recognised by the gates with a glass screen reader. The Interrail pass has a QR-code on the back of its cover.

Refund in case of delays, cancellations, strikes or other cases of force majeure

Travellers possibly have a right to compensation in case an international train journey has been delayed by more than 60 minutes due to delays, cancellations, strikes or other cases of force majeure. To apply for a refund, the railway company responsible needs to be contacted directly by means of filling out special refund forms. These forms can be obtained on the train with the stewards, at train station counters, information desks and on the railway company’s website. Where to apply for a refund depends on the ticket you have travelled with. Your ticket will say what railway company has issued the ticket through the Railtravelshop. Please note: Deutsche Bahn tickets which do not have rates on them (so-called RIT tickets) can also be used to apply for refunds. There is a set refund for these tickets: €10 for second class and €15 for first class tickets.
• DB tickets: Click on the tab ‘Fahrgastrechte-Formular’ and choose the English form. Original tickets need to be sent along.
• NS tickets: Click on ‘customer service’ and ‘compensation for delays’. The form can be found under ‘request money back’. Original tickets need to be sent along.
• SNCF tickets: Refund forms can only be obtained on the train or at train station counters. Filled out form and original tickets need to be sent to: Service Relations Clients, 62973 ARRAS Cedex 9, France.
• Other railway companies’ tickets: Refund forms can be obtained on the train or at train station counters. Filled out form and original tickets need to be sent to address mentioned on form.
• Interrail: travellers on an interrail pass are not likely to receive compensation for delays.

Changing or cancelling tickets during your trip
Please contact Railtravelshop in case you wish to change or cancel tickets during your trip. Claiming a refund afterwards is not possible, even though local railway staff might state otherwise.

Accommodation, hotel or holiday home not up to standard
Please indicate deficiencies straight away with the accommodation host, local travel agent and / or Railtravelshop. The ANVR travel and booking terms & conditions (Dutch Association for Travel Organisations) apply to all Railtravelshop’s package trips.

Complaints need to be sent to Railtravelshop in writing within one month after arrival. Please do not forget to add the original train tickets and / or hotel vouchers.